ADEA is the Association of Spouses of Diplomats accredited in Argentina.

ADEA organises various activities and projects with an understanding of the holistic view of the host country as well as the country of origin of its members


Invitation to Bazar – REMINDER

Dear members and friends of ADEA, We would like to remind you about the Bazar. Below you will find the invitation with all the details.

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Invitation for Bazar – 9th of december at the Embassy of de Mexico

Dear members and friends of ADEA We would like to kindly invite you to  participate in Bazar !!! Below you will find all information about this event.

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Adea Fashion Night – 30th of october 2014

Dear friends, ADEA We would like to kindly invite you to an evening of fashion !!! Reserve your place. Below you will find all information about the fashion show. There will also be raffles with great prizes. Best regards.

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Invitation to the monthly meeting at the Embassy of Ukraine

Dear Friends of ADEA, ADEA together with the Ukrainian Embassy invite you for coffee of the month which will  be held at the Embassy of Ukraine. All information in the invitation:

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We invite our colleagues from the diplomatic community in Buenos Aires, to become members of our Association and participate with the current members from over 60 countries in all activities. To become an active member, simply register and pay the annual fee of $ 400 (four hundred pesos), which will be used to cover administrative expenses of the office. Learn more.

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